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Coronavirus (CO-VID 19)

10am. 24th March 2020

Some Good News...

Michael Gove MP, UK Minister for the Cabinet Office, stated this morning on the television that going to and tending your allotment was considered exercise and therefore allowable under the current more stringent rules for slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

Please continue to keep at least 2 metres away from other people – more is better! Remember the virus can be spread by contact from surfaces so if you touch something like a gate, padlock or tool touched by someone else, wash your hands with soap and water (even if cold) or use a proper hand sanitiser.
We hope that you and your families stay safe and well.

Best wishes,

Phil (Chair) if you are still unsure call or text me 07873502470

Now is a good time to take on a new plot, it gives you time to plan and prepare in good time for the new season. This way you can start your planting schedule from March onward with the main planting season starting in April.

We have had applications for new site reps on Longyards

We will let you know who will be there to help in due course.

The new Rents have been published by Mansfield District Council as follows:

Full plot: £43.86  Half & Starter plots £22.00

Third Party Insurance has become a requirement of the association. This has come about as we have a duty of care towards our plot holders. Also included is membership which gives plot holders access to Kings Seeds at special prices, Seed potatoes and items like compost and fertilisers at a lower cost than retail. You also have affiliated membership to the National Allotment Society, All for just £4.55 per year.

Please Note: it is a requirement to give a minimum of one months notice should you wish to give up your plot. Rule 28.a. You are not allowed to hand over your plot to any third party, Rule 5.   

Motor Vehicles are currently restricted on Longyards and Priory road allotment sites.

It has been brought to our attention that vehicles are being taken onto the cart tracks on Longyards and Priory Road. Due to the amount of rain in recent weeks the cart roads are being damaged. Only use a vehicle if you have items that are to heavy to carry.

                                                       FANTASTIC NEWS


(Sites for gypsies, travellers and travelling showpeople). Mansfield District Council shortlisted our site to the final 4 sites.

This has now been overturned due to the overwhelming support for allotment plots.

on behalf of our association I would like to thank everybody who played their part in securing Mansfield District Council's desision. 



UPDATE: There are 27 people now on the waiting list, requiring a plot.  Mansfield District Council are aware that those on the waiting list are keen to get started. Note: Work has already started on the site (special funding has been obtained). Half plots will be available from the end of March 2020. The water system will be installed by the end of April 2020.

Plots still available on our other sites


Full Plot £43.86

Half or Starter Plot £22.00

Third Party Insurance including Membership £4.55



It has become apparent that several plot holders have not been offered or do not understand why membership is required.

    The list below will give an outline of what our membership offers plot holders


     1. Helps the management team to protect your interests as gardeners.

     2. When Mansfield District Council increase rents beyond inflation, we will act.

     3. Members are covered by valuable Third Party Insurance, a must these days.

     5. Associate membership to 'The National Allotment Society' giving full access.

     6. Membership seed catalogue from Kings Seeds giving excellent value.

     7. Purchase garden products from our sheds, (Quality compost and sundries.

     8. Members are more likely to help members.

     5. A strong membership will give us more power in the event of land grabbing.

    All this and more for only £4.55 per year (2020-21). So please support your fellow gardeners.

KINGS SEED CATALOGUE 2020 (members only) If you have missed the association's group collection, you can send in your order direct to Kings Seeds, you must include £2.00 for postage and packing. A few catalogues still available at Longyards Sales Shed.

In due course we will publish a site reps guide to help you understand why we need such people (volunteers) to share your concerns and wishes. Please stick to the allotment agreement, if you have lost or don’t have an agreement please ask for one asap.

How would you like your site to have a general open day with seed and plant swaps. This year. Maybe a best plot competition and if you think you can grow produce to impress have a completion for the best. Get your rep to make it happen, it is important that you can help along with your fellow plot holders. Priory Road Allotments held one on the 31st August 2019 with great success with over 90 people passing through. Well done to Gary, Gemma and plot holders who made it happen. Look out for new events. Priory Road are planning events to be published shortly.


For the latest weather, click onto the weather site.

We welcome your comments on anything allotment, just let your rep know. If there is anything that you are not sure of, just ask!

Mansfield District Council have made a few amendments to the 'Allotment Holders Agreement' Please take a look on the open members area. These are correct as of 1st. April 2019 you may print a copy if you wish. If you are unsure or require help, contact your site rep. Please note: amendments are ongoing, so please check that you are up to date.

You are welcome to make a contribution to our Newsletter if you think you have any useful ideas that would help our members.

I have been asked by Mansfield District Council to remind plot holders about the rule regarding fires.

there have been complaints of fires on all sites. Help our Reps to help you NO FIRES.

It has been brought to our attention that vehicles are being taken onto the cart tracks on Longyards and Priory Road without good reason. Due to the amount of rain in recent weeks the cart road is being damaged. Refrain from such use or expect a total ban of all vehicles.

Sad news of the passing of former MWGHA Chairman, Kelvin Twigger.

Kelvin took over as Chairman of MWGHA during some turbulent times for the Association. He handled matters with a calm professional air and ensured that everyone was treated as fairly as possible. His sense of humour helped him through many situations as he sought to improve MWGHA allotments, making regular visits to each site and liaising with site reps to resolve problems. He did much to make sure that most sites were full to capacity or nearly so and to encourage gardeners to take up plots.

His past experience working for MDC helped in negotiations with the Council and Kelvin was always ready to listen to members and was keen to resolve any problems.

Stepping down as Chairman to spend more time with his family, Kelvin continued with his own allotment plot on the Park Hall Road site and still very much enjoyed his gardening. A well-known figure around Woodhouse, Kelvin was always ready to stop for a chat and willing to pass on his gardening knowledge. He will be missed my many.

                                                                                                                                   Barbara Berry.

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