WELCOME!  (please bear with us, pruning our website is an ongoing task) March 2020.


The management team hope all our members and plot holders are looking forward to a successful growing season. We have had a long wet winter with only light frosts and no snow.  Remember that an allotment is for the whole year, so set out a planting program that will give you vegetables until this time next year. If you are not sure what you can plant, ask one of your fellow plot holders. This is the best time of the year to get your plot ready for the spring planting. Most of us are lucky and have light soil, therefore a late winter dig is possible.

If you are a member you can ask for the 2020 Kings seed catalogue, (still a few left) it has a seed planner, if you are not, it is still possible to join only £4.55. 

At Mansfield Woodhouse Garden Holders Association, we aim to help our plot holders old and new to enjoy their plots. We encourage plot holders to share their experience with each other, make new friends. Have the satisfaction of eating fresh fruit and vegetables that you've grown yourself, also having freshly cut flowers at your disposal throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn months.

The current Rent and Membership Rules are expected to change for the new season. We will make an announcement in the New Year on how these changes will be implemented. (Pending).

Plot rents for this next year have been confirmed by MDC, As follows: Full plot £43.86 - Half plot £22.00 and Starter plots the same £22.00. All rents are due from 1st. April 2020. until 30th. September 2021 so you are getting 18 months for the annual cost. This because MDC have changed the allotment year to start from the beginning of October each year onward.

This gives new plot holders time to prepare their new plot in good time for a full growing season.


We expect all plot holders to join our association as members. We have made 'Third Party Insurance' compulsory, as we have a care of duty to our plot holders. You will also enjoy various benefits, see our membership link. We have a 'members area' that has information and links with discounts and benefits. Insurance and Membership remains at £4.55  due from the 1st. April. 2020 and will be valid until 30th. October 2021 See Newsletter.

The six months free period will be funded via our bank funds, as we will need to re-aline payment to our insurers and the National Allotment Society.

MWGHA administer a total of 7 allotment sites in Mansfield Woodhouse for Mansfield District Council. 

Due to a recent promotion of our sites, plots are being taken up fast, so avoid being disappointed and make your choice now and enjoy the rest of  the gardening season.

We have allotment sites at:

Birding Street (20 plots) (Please join our waiting list).

Kingsley Avenue (23 plots) (Please join our waiting list).

Longyards (99 plots) (Limited plots available).

Park Hall Road (20 plots) (Limited plots available).

Priory Road (please join our waiting list). half plots about to be released.

Northfield (12 plots) (Limited plots are available)

Whinney Hill (125 plots) (Full & half plots plus starter plots are still available)

To be placed on any of our waiting lists, the following is required:

Full name, address, contact telephone number and your email if you have one, your choice of allotment site.

Note: You must be of fixed abode to hold a tenancy agreement (Allotment Holders Agreement) Accommodation addresses are not permitted.


Click  'Our Allotments' on the menu above to find your nearest allotment!

Contact 'Phil Cooper' who can assist you to obtain your plot. 07873502470

or use our contact link.


We have asked Mansfield District Council for the area behind Newcastle Street Known as Priory Road Allotments, to be returned as allotments asap, to accommodate the increase in demand. There is now a waiting list of 30 people. Last winter it was decided the area would be upgraded to current requirements. A new cart road with plots sized to workable use.

The installation of a water main so that water tanks can be installed.

Mansfield District Council has now taken off the proposed Traveller transit/permanent site. Known as Priory Road allotments. This now allows the original plan to become reality. I am pleased to report Plots will be available from the end of March 2020, the water installation will be completed by the end of April 2020. 

Your Management TeamJanuary.2020

© Mansfield Woodhouse Garden Holders Association

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